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Keeley Moon "Glow in the Dark" Op-Amp Fuzz Pedal

The best selling Fuzz Pedal of the year is now available in a limited "Moon Glow" version. You saw that right, it's a UV Reactive version of the amazing muff destroying death star known as the Keeley Moon Fuzz!  When it's not glowing, it doubles as a slick white tuxedo version of the Moon.  As with all glow-in-the-dark goods in the world, this does require some light-charging or a black light to really pop.

The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones heavy as gravity itself. The filter control offers an expanded range of usable tones and the filter switch gives you three distinct EQ phases: Scooped Mids 'classic', Flat EQ, or Full Range. Feed the Moon Op Amp Fuzz with your favorite drive pedals and unlock worlds of complex tones.

The Moon's massive sound is achieved with a quad op amp delivering four stages of gain and fuzz. This circuit has its roots in our popular Dark Side pedal. In that design we tailored the tone and gain of the pedal to be a vintage sounding fuzz for lead work. We wanted to go 180 degrees in the other direction with this pedal's tone. We wanted to achieve infinite sounding dreamy deep fuzz. This is a punishingly heavy op amp fuzz designed to extend your guitar or bass frequencies as low as possible. This also means that your lead tones are as harmonically as rich as possible. So thick is the fuzz that your notes will rise and peak into brilliant feedback. Keeley's most lunar sounding pedal: Moon Op Amp Fuzz.