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Laney Black Country Customs Secret Path Reverb Pedal

Reverb is evocative of space – a note contains pitch, but reverb contains place. Without reverb, you have no idea where you are. Every note has been played; it is what happens between the notes that is special. The Secret Path is a beautiful pedal – crafted reverbs for Spring and Plate, reminiscent of the heyday of classic amp and studio tones combined with modern-day sound quality and reliability. Plus, The Secret Path – a deep, dark, mesmerizing ambience with a sublime, brooding, dynamically evolving shimmer.


  • 3 Different Modes:

    • Spring Reverb: Classic, lush reverb reminiscent of vintage amps.
    • Plate Reverb: Studio-quality plate reverb for a rich, smooth sound.
    • The Secret Path: Deep, dark ambience with evolving shimmer for a unique, immersive experience.
  • Tri-colored LEDs: These provide a clear visual reference to the mode your pedal is running in, especially useful on dark stages.

  • Silent Switching: Ensures no switching noise when activating the effect. The only thing you should hear is a great-sounding product.

  • Solid Metal Chassis Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of performance.

  • Expression Pedal Control: Allows for real-time manipulation of reverb parameters for dynamic performances.

  • Enhanced Mode Includes Modulation: Adds an extra layer of depth and texture to your reverb.

  • Excellent Consistent Load: Optimized for passive volume pedals.