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Laney Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion Pedal

MONOLITH Guitar Pedal

Designed to give the player total command and control over a spectrum of different gains and harmonic distortions, from classic fat rock tones to jangly indie lines, and everything in between, the MONOLITH delivers expressive gain even at low levels. With a very pleasing dynamic response to pick attack, the harder you dig, the more expressive it gets. Even at high gain levels, when you hit it hard, you can still hear every note of big chords as well as the nuances of intricate lead lines.


  • 3 Modes:

    • Heavily Compressed Distortion
    • Overdrive Distortion
    • Soft Compressed Distortion
  • Tri-colored LEDs: More expensive than regular single-color LEDs, these provide a clear visual reference to the mode your pedal is running in, especially useful on dark stages.

  • Silent Switching: Ensures no switching noise when activating the effect. The only thing you should hear is a great-sounding product.

  • Low Battery Consumption: Efficient design ensures longer playtime.

  • Solid Metal Chassis Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of performance.

  • Excellent Consistent Load: Optimized for passive volume pedals.

  • Dynamic Response: Delivers expressive gain at all levels, maintaining clarity and nuance even at high gains.